Terätoimituse Eesti OÜ was established in 1992 as Terätoimitus OY'ssubsidiary to operate on the Estonian market. We have stably developed from the selling and maintenancing of wood cutting tools to manufacturing them. For now, the company has became independent and is firmly established among the best Estonian cutter dealers. At present we have over 800 clients from hobbyists to large furniture and wood industry. As a seller we have a permanent stock of: saw blades, drills, cutter heads, planer knives, router bits and bandsaws. We can also offer a wide range of standard and specialty cutters, as well as manufacture and restore various profile and CNC cutters. Our workshop has a good equipment and we can resharpe all the tools we sell. In cooperation with Europes best-known cutter manufacturers, our products have guaranteed high quality. We want to execute orders submitted to us fast and deliver them to the client as soon as possible. To do this we constantly invest in new equipment and use the courier service Omniva to send goods. If needed we have our specialists visiting our clients weekly all over Estonia.

We would like to thank our long-term and loyal customers and partners.

We are developing with you.